Yikaityi Knows She Wants To Create A Fresh Lifestyle Through Delivering Feminine, Romance And Colorful Palette.

From Château De Versailles, Impressionism Masterpieces From Claude Monet And Henri Matisse, To The Robust Sculptures And Artwork From Auguste Rodin And Yves Klein, We Find That Arts, Culture And Architecture Are All Groundbreaking, Inspiring And Charming. Formed By A Group Of Talented Designers And Artists, Embracing Historical Arts And Cultural Heritage, We Opt For A New Philosophy About Finding Yourself. We Hope That Every Woman Can Experience Different Spectrum Of Your Beauty Possibilities By Showing Your Inner Grace And Your Initial Faithful Heart. Through Our Clothes, We Hope That The New Generation Can Find Their Modern Grace By New Designed Sophisticated Details, Clean Silhouette And Delicate Fabrication.


Dakota Industrial Company Limited

Since the 1980s, the brothers started their own factories.

The high quality product makes them started to work with international brand. Well-equipped factory and high quality sewing technique enrich YIKAITYI’s brand value. Quick response to the market also helps YIKATIYI to feedback customers’ need. International certificated test laboratory ensures the fabrication quality. With over 30 years manufacturing experience, experimental ideas can be put into real production, keeping the aesthetic concept of craftsmanship at the same time.


YIKATIYI’s introduction into fashion started from 2014.

Originated in Hong Kong, we had made some big steps towards our goals within two years by developing a unique style and a new life philosophy. A clear brand image attracted fashionistas and celebrities’ attention successfully. Our customers love our stunning and delicate design which suits their high quality lifestyle. Even though Hong Kong is a small place, we face big markets. We have now developed 4 markets.